Want to see what 167.6kph looks like ?

This guy has got some serious speed down those 45 degrees slopes – Awesome !!



2 thoughts on “Want to see what 167.6kph looks like ?

  1. Can’t even imagine how crazy that feels. I’ve done 100+mph on a motorcycle and that was amazing, but with most of the momentum being on your body (as opposed to a bicycle that only weighs ~40lbs) that has to feel completely insane.

    Side note, it seemed pretty easy to hit that world record. If the slope was even 1 degree steeper I bet they could have gone higher? How long till the damn tire detaches from the rim??


  2. The guy is quite clearly an adrenalin junkie ! Certainly takes a lot of guts to hammer down the mountain that fast, not a lot of margin for error, so fair play to him. Wonder how many attempts he made before he hit the record ?


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